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Agricultural Tractor Instrument Cluster KPSKhT 63.3801

Agricultural Tractor Instrument Cluster
Agricultural Tractor Instrument ClusterModel 63.3801

KPSKhT is developed under technical requirements of TK Volgograd Tractor Plant JSC, Volgograd. KPSKhT is designed for visual inspection of operational parameters of major systems and aggregates of BT-150DE and BT-4C150D agricultural tractor models, and for informing the driver about irregularities and failures of units and aggregates. In compliance with TU 4573-119-24322961-2008.

Basic characteristics:

1) operating supply voltage is 12 V, operation at supply voltage variation from 10,8 to 15 V.

2) overall dimensions no more than 213 x 194 x 48,8 mm.

3) manufactured in U climatic modification of 2nd placement category, suitable for export; operating temperature range - from -40 to +60ºC.

4) electronic parameter indication:

  • engine rpm;
  • current time of day;
  • car-system voltage;
  • engine operating time.

5) provides for indication of the vehicle systems and aggregates condition using indicating lights:

  • audio signal switch-on;
  • air filter contaminated;
  • emergency oil pressure in the transmission;
  • emergency temperature in the engine cooling system;
  • fuel filter contaminated;
  • emergency oil pressure in the engine;
  • water in the fuel;
  • switch-on of the electrothermal switch of the EFP system;
  • high beam switch-on;
  • battery discharge;
  • maintenance required;
  • emergency mode;
  • back-up fuel balance.

6) availability of fuel level, coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, transmission oil temperature, pneumatic system air pressure indicators;

7) KPSKhT operates in the three modes:

  • «Operation» mode;
  • «Self-testing» mode;
  • «Failure» mode.

8) meets the requirements for interference immunity to conducted interference in supply circuits;

9) meets the requirements for interference immunity to conducted interference signalling and controlling circuits;

10) meets the requirements for the acceptable level of self-interference at power leads;

11) meets the requirements for interference immunity to electrostatic discharge to the casing elements, controllers and electrical connectors.

Technical characteristics:

Operating supply voltage, V


Overall dimensions, mm

213 x 194 x 48

Weight, kg (max)


Consumption current, A


Maintenance manual:

Agricultural Tractor Instrument Cluster KPSKhT63.3801.

Maintenance manual ADIG.453895.008-04 RE.

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