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VOLZHANIN Instrument Cluster 76.3801

VOLZHANIN Instrument Cluster
VOLZHANIN Instrument ClusterModel: 76.3801
VOLZHANIN Instrument Cluster 76.3801 (hereinafter VOLZHANIN Instrument Cluster) is designed for processing and displaying information about functional and technical condition of units, aggregates, systems and vehicle motion parameters.

VOLZHANIN Instrument Cluster indicates:

a) using point indicators:

  • vehicle speed;
  • engine shaft rotating velocity;
  • fuel level;
  • coolant temperature;
  • circuit 1 air pressure;
  • circuit 2 air pressure;

b) using monitors:

  • total distance;
  • daily distance;
  • urea level;
  • motor oil pressure;
  • coolant temperature;
  • transmission oil temperature;
  • car system voltage;
  • engine operating time;
  • fuel consumption rate per 100 km;
  • fuel consumption rate per hour;
  • impulse number;

в) using light and audio warning device:

  • condition of main aggregates and systems of the vehicle.

There is a possibility of setting the data on ratio of generator actuator to crankshaft and number of actuating coil pole pairs, value of engine running monitoring zone edge, value of lower limit for maximum speed.

CAN interface is usrd as an external interface for data exchange between VOLZHANIN Instrument Cluster and other vehicle devices.

The cluster is manufactured in one climatic modification — U2 for temperature range from minus 40 °С to plus 60 °С.

Technical characteristisc:

Vehicle speed scale range, km/h0—125
Engine shaft rotating velocity scale range, 1/min0—3600
Fuel level scale range0—1
Coolant temperature scale range, °С40—120
Circuit 1 air pressure scale range, kgs/sm^20—10
Circuit 2 air pressure scale range, kgs/sm^2
Total distance scale range, km0—999999,9
Daily distance scale range, km0—9999,9
Urea level scale range, %0—100
Motor oil pressure scale range, kgs/sm^20—10,2
Transmission oil temperature scale range, °Сminus 50—250
Car system voltage, V14—33
Engine operating time scale range, operating hours0—99999,9
Fuel consumption rate per 100 km scale range, l/100 km0—999,9
Fuel consumption rate per hour scale range, l/h0—999,9
Impulse number scale range, impulses0—65536
Operating supply voltage, V24
Maximum consumption current, no more, A1,5 (with ignition switch ON, car system voltage — 27 V);
0,03 (with ignition switch ON, car system voltage — 24V)
Overall dimensions, no more, mm470х180х90

Weight, no more, kg


Maintenance manual:

VOLZHANIN Instrument Cluster 76.3801 (since August 2015)

Maintenance manual ADIG.453895.015 RE

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