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Tool-making facilities

ELARA tool shop offers its manufacturing services for different high-precision tooling.

instrument_1.JPGMoulded forms:

• for thermoplastic material casting, stationary and in blocks or packages, including multiple forms for high-volume and mass production.

Die blocks:

• blank dies, press dies, bending dies, embossing and shaping dies (including dies for hot working).


Press moulds:

• for processing of thermosetting materials - compression press moulds, loading shoe press moulds.



• for mechanical processing of details (installation tools, milling attachments, drilling tools);

• drill jigs;

• sweeping tackles and radio-elements installers;

• tools for test performance.


• roundup grooves, screw gauges, pass templates, mounting brackets.

instrument_4.JPGMechanical processing of materials:

• turning and milling operations;

• milling operations in machining center units;

• grinding operations (surface, profile, cylindrical grinding, thread grinding and coordinate grinding with CNC);

• electroerosion operations (burn down, blanking);

• sand blasting.

instrument_5.JPGThermal treatment:

• hardening operations;

• drawing;

• baking;

• cement grouting;

• part processing on HFC equipment.


The universal equipment used in our plant (including CNC machines) helps to manufacture high-end tooling. Modern equipment and work of our specialists ensure quick production time and high quality of products.

Repair and maintenance of the existing tooling is also available.
Maximum weight of tooling is up to 1000 kg. Maximum dimensions for tooling are up to 700×1000 mm, and for thermal treatment — 600х800 mm.


Oleg V. Simonov

Head of tool shop № 621

Phone: +7 (8352) 22-17-17
Fax: +7 (8352) 22-10-39

Natalia Y. Arhipova

Marketing Leading Expert

Phone: +7 (8352) 22-13-55

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