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Additional services

The company is ready to offer the following services: 

Providing orders with components

Обеспечение заказов комплектующимиAt the request of the customer the company provides the order with imported and home produced components purchased from suppliers of category A and B in accordance with ISO 9001.

There are several ways of providing orders with components:

  • Components are provided by the customer in full on the give-and-take basis;
  • Components are partly provided by the customer on the give-and-take basis, and are partially purchased by our company;
  • Components are purchased by our company in full.

Components are purchased based on the component list provided by the customer or the assembly drawing specification. If some components are not to be installed they must be specified.

The recommended form of a components list:

Position number

Usage per item, pc.
Allowed substitution (or equivalent)
Positional designation as per specification







Please indicate all the necessary parameters when filling in the components list:

  • for resistors: - nominal value, tolerance, dimension type, power capacity, name of the manufacturer;
  • for capacitors: - nominal value, tolerance, dimension type, dielectric material, voltage, name of the manufacturer;
  • for semiconductors and microcircuits: - full product description with the name of the manufacturer (secondary factors included into the description – temperature range, casing type);
  • for mounting elements (contact sockets, connectors, switches, etc.): - exact designation and name of the manufacturer.

If the customer supplies his own components for automated mounting it is necessary to make allowance for a small technological stock of within 1 – 5%, and also take into consideration the fact that components must be supplied in coils, sticks, pallets, but not loose.

In-circuit and functional testing, adjustment

Внутрисхемный и функциональный контроль, настройка

In-circuit testing of electronic modules (dimensions up to 520 x 610 mm) is performed on the PILOT V8 tester with 8 fly-probes and adapter testers that allow to check nominal values and tolerances of the components being installed,detect conductor breaks and shorting and other faults of the electronic device.

Also in-circuit testing of mounted electronic modules can be performed on the TR-8 test equipment of Check Sum company (USA) (a contact device is produced for each PCB) that allows to check the nominal values and tolerances of the components being installed, detect conductor breaks and shorting, etc.

After assembly the product goes through functional testing using special equipment that is developed for each product. If necessary environmental and vibration tests, etc. are performed. 

X-ray control and tomography

Рентген контроль и томография

X-ray examination is used to discover causes of electronic units faults, to check end products and to check products during the technological process. 

X-ray testing is one of nondestructive testing methods. It allows to detect many soldered connection defects that are impossible to diagnose visually: voids, bridges, cracks, solder balls, nonwetting, filling in mounting holes with solder, etc., and also misroassembly defects such as splicing conductor bending. 

Tomography allows to create a three dimensional model of the object and its section, e.g. a galvanic piston, which is not possible with X-ray examination. 

Rinsing (washing) printed circuit board assemblies

Промывка (отмывка) печатных 


Flux residue, impurities can be removed from mounting devices using both an ultrasonic cleaning machine and a jet scrubbing machine. Washing devices combine three technological operations – washing printed circuit board assemblies with a detergent solution, rinsing with deionized water, drying – into one automated process.

Moisture protection of electronic components with lacquers and potting

Влагозащита электронных узлов-лаками и заливка 


Electronic components are protected from moisture using both imported, e.g. SL1301, and home produced lacquers, e.g. EP-9114, UR-231, etc.

Potting using «Viksint PK-68», «Pentelast 712» and «Pentelast 712» is performed both manually and automatically with the help of a metering system design for potting electronic elements. The system allows to meter out single or two-component resins of epoxy, polyurethane or silicone type with working life more than 15 minutes. Two-component systems are automatically mixed till optimal homogeneity of the components.

If you have any questions contact us via e-mail or call us at 
+7 (8352) 22-17-68, 22-13-74, 22-14-95.

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