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Multilayer printed circuit boards

ELARA JSC produces multilayer printed circuit boards including boards with:
  • blind plated holes with diameter/hole depth correlation 1:1;
  • high through hole diameter/PCB thickness correlation equal to 1:15;
  • buried plated holes;
  • plated-through-hole vias 1:15 filled with epoxy paste;
  • microholes (1:0,75) filled with copper.

Multilayer printed circuit board parameters:

Metric value

Maximum dimensions of a printed circuit board

530 х 470 mm

Maximum area of an electrical test

460 х 610 mm

Maximum number of layers


Minimum width of the inner layers

0,1 mm

Printed circuit board thickness

1.00…3.00 mm

Minimum width of the conductor

0.1 mm

Minimum spacing between elements of a printed circuit board

0.1 mm

Minimum diameter of a via

0.15 mm

Plated-through hole/printed circuit board thickness ratio (aspect ratio)

1:10 (0.2:2.0)
1:7 (0.15:1.1)

Copper foil thickness

18; 35

Resolution capability of markings

0.1 mm

Outline processing

Milling, scribing

Blind plated hole diameter/printed circuit board thickness ratio (aspect ratio)


Maximum plated hole diameter/printed circuit board thickness ratio (aspect ratio)


Basic materials used for manufacturing of multilayer printed circuit boards:

  • FR-4 High Tg film-clad dielectrics: PCL 370 HR ML Isola;
  • fiberglass cloth PREPREG: PCL 370 HR ML 1080 PL 05 Isola;
  • HTE electrolytic copper foil.

Basic materials used for manufacturing of multilayer printed circuit boards with SHF materials:

  • foil cladded material based on thermosetting polymer with addition of ceramics (no fluoroplastic): RO4350, Rogers;
  • fiberglass cloth PREPREG: RO4450, Rogers.

Protective solder mask:

  • liquid CARAPACE, green;
  • liquid ELPEMER, green;
  • liquid IMAGECURE, green, black, white;
  • mask of a different colour — after matching procurement terms with the client.

    Final finish:

    • Hot-dip tinning (HAL process), tin-lead reflowing, immersion gold plating Ni-Au (gold).

    Terminal connector coating:

    • Gold plating.


    Marking inks: Agfa inks, white; XV-1300 dye, white and black; EP-572 dye, white and black.
    The rest of paint types — deliveries on a give-and-take basis or in settled terms.


    • 100% technological process monitoring;
    • automatic optical inspection;
    • 100% electrical testing of multilayer printed circuit boards on Mania and Micro Craft K.K. produced assemblies;
    • 100% monitoring of copper thickness inside a hole in every batch using non-destructive and metallographic methods;
    • impedance control (differential wave-forming resistance);
    • control of filling the vias with epoxy paste (by metallography).

      PCB quality control is done in accordance with GOST 23752-79 and GOST R 53429-2009.

    Production time:

    • multilayer printed circuit boards with HAL coating: 6 weeks — new order, 5 weeks — repeat order;
    • multilayer printed circuit boards with Ni-Au coating: 7-8 weeks — new order, 6-7 weeks — repeat order;
    • production time can be changed depending on production load.

    Packaging and delivery:

    Products are delivered in cardboard boxes weighing no more than 5 kg.
    Delivery to any other region of Russia is performed by commercial delivery services, namely, Delovye Linii, Special Communication Agency, DIMEX, GARANTPOST, or via shipment by post at the cost of the customer. Ways to deliver manufactured goods are specified in the order form for printed circuit boards.

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